When it comes to mixed martial arts, men do tend to have the upper hand, they have more muscle mass, and they are generally stronger than women. When it comes to self-defence, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a brilliant skill for any woman to learn, and at our Mixed Martial Arts club in London, we have everything that you need to learn and conquer that skill.

So why is BJJ so useful when it comes to women’s self-defence?

1- The size of the opponent/attacker doesn’t matter as much.
Jiu-Jitsu was made and developed with a small person in mind. If your opponent is not trained in BJJ, you knowing and using the technique will give you a massive head start. The first things that you will learn are how to fight if someone is on top of you, and secondly, how to maintain a dominant position when you’re on top. Size does not matter.

2- There’s no such thing as a lucky punch with BJJ
Anyone can be knocked out with a lucky punch, even if that punch comes from someone with little skill or knowledge. Grappling is a big part of BJJ, and luck is also taken out of the equation. Sometimes it is possible to make up for the lack of technique by using your strength. However, if you are against someone with no grappling technique, you can easily dominate them with BJJ training. Luckily for you, our MMA club in London provides this exact service.

3- It’s not about strength
The best thing about BJJ is that you can render someone unconscious, regardless of your strength. Strength and force are two different things; that’s a key point to keep in mind. With BJJ, strength is not the determining factor. If someone has no BJJ experience, they will not know how to defend themselves against you. Learning and practising BJJ will inevitably give you the power that you need to defend yourself, not just as a person, but as a woman.

If you want to learn the art of self-defence, you can rest assured that our Mixed Martial Arts gym in London has everything that you need. We have a range of classes to suit every need, so get in touch and see what we can do to help you.

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