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Mixed Martial Arts, then there are five basic moves that you need to get right. Having this knowledge before you join our London MMA club will start you off in the best way, and prepare you for mixing with the professionals.

1- Jab

The jab is an essential weapon for all MMA fighters. It may seem basic, but many new fighters struggle to get the technique right. You should always jab with your dominant hand, and the timing has to be perfect. You must extend your arm out completely while making sure that your wrist is aligned to your elbow.

2- Overhand Punch

This is a curving punch, and it’s thrown with your non-dominant hand. If you imagine throwing a baseball, you will get an idea of how to use this method. This is another common punch in MMA, and as always, timing is key. Bring your arm forward like a windmill and target the head of your opponent.

3- Round Kick

This is the most crucial kick that you will use and is a massive part of the knockout in MMA. You make your lead leg the pivot, and it should be perpendicular to whatever you are targeting. Thrust the hip of your pivot leg while you turn for the strike, and us your core strength to turn your body up for the attack.

4- Double Leg Takedown

This move is used a lot in wrestling but has become more prevalent in MMA. It is for when your opponent is close to you, and you want to get them on the floor. You need to get your hands behind their knees. This works best if you do so once they have their hands on your shoulders. Performing this attack in the right way will enable you to pull your opponent off the mat of pin them down.

5- Trip

This is one of the most effective takedowns in MMA and can be used to offset your opponent’s balance when you are in the dominant position. Place your foot on the inside or outside of your opponent’s foot (whichever is easier at the time). Keep your balance on point and then grab your opponent and push them to the floor while tripping their foot. Our MMA gym in central London has numerous classes available throughout the week, and we also sometimes offer seminars with big sporting names like Brad Pickett and Luke Barnett. If you want to join one of the best MMA clubs in London, then get in touch and let’s get you started with the professionals. ]]>

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