Benefits of Taking a New Gym Class

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Benefits of Taking a New Gym Class

Whether you are a seasoned gym goer or have just started to think about attending a gym, there are several benefits of attending a new gym class.

Fighting Boredom

Here at Fight City Gym we offer classes in a range of combat sports and martial arts. These are types of classes you won’t see offered in a generic gym, or if you do they are unlikely to focus on the technical aspects as well as giving you a great workout. Taking one of these classes could mix up your routine which could help if you are feeling like your workouts are becoming repetitive and boring.

Changing up your Routine

If you spend a lot of your time doing similar workouts, then there is a chance that you are only focusing on a certain part of your body or you are no longer making any gains/progress. Taking a new gym class in something different could result in your focus switching to another part of your body or type of fitness.

There are many schools of thought into how often you should change your routine, varying from 4 to 12 weeks. We believe each person is different so should judge themselves based on if their body is no longer changing, are they struggling to progress beyond a certain point (be it strength, speed, agility, fitness etc) and finally do they feel like it’s time for something new (see point 1).

We’ve heard people talk about the classes as a ‘cardio session’ so not wanting to join in because they’ll miss out on weights. Although the classes will tire you out and improve your fitness you’ll also develop strength and endurance just like you do during a weight training session. Just look at the physiques of boxers and mixed martial artists, they don’t spend all their time in a weights room, hitting the pads, plyometrics, body weight training all form part of a class and developing your physique.

Meeting New People

When was the last time you met someone new? Sometimes, in a city as big as London, it can be easy to feel alone amongst the crowds. Joining a new gym class could help you to meet new people. Someone you meet in a new class could become a good friend or even a new business contact. You could end up with having an unexpected benefit of a new acquaintance as well as a new workout routine.

With the community feel created at Fight City Gym you will definitely meet people, we have members who go on to share their knowledge of the discipline and/or start training together outside of the classes using the other facilities provided such as the free weights, functional training area, kettlebells or the heavy bags.

 New Challenge

Your current routine may become a bit stale, you may find yourself being too comfortable in your workout. It could be a good idea to challenge yourself with a new class if you find yourself in this situation. In a group situation, people tend to challenge themselves more than when they do when working out alone as there is also a competitive nature to a group class.

We have had members take up either Boxing, BJJ or Muay Thai for the first time at Fight City Gym and enjoy it so much that they have gone on to compete. We also facilitate this by holding 2 White Collar Boxing events a year, so anyone who has ever wanted to challenge themselves in a fun and safe environment has the ability to do so.


Attending a weekly workout class at a gym will give structure to your workout schedule. This will ensure that you are more likely to stick to the workout as it will be a focus point of your week. If you have a weekly class that you have paid or registered for then you will be less likely to skip it.

Doing it Right

If you take a class in a particular discipline with a trained professional, then you are more likely to ensure that you are carrying out the techniques properly. Not only that, but they can help to ensure you take all the precautions necessary to try and refrain from causing a severe injury to yourself or someone else you may be training with. Here at Fight City Gym we have a variety of classes to choose from, take a look at our timetable to find a new gym class at a time to suit you.

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