Leon Jason

Leon Jason heads up our Muay Thai and K1 Fight Team. He has been a Fight Coach and Strength and Conditioning coach for over 10 years. Starting in the industry 22 years ago as a competitive county level swimmer, since then he has competed in many sports including Athletics, Triathlons (representing Team GB Youth Team), San Shou Kickboxing (Training at Shoalin Temple UK), and Muay Thai.
Most recently Leon was the 2018 WKO English K1 Champion, and always strives to improve himself and his clients with scientific and goals driven training. Specialising in Fight Strength and Conditioning (MMA-CSCC), he combines his experience and knowledge to take clients from novice to competition standard both physically and mentally. He is a Professional fighter on shows including Super Fight Series, Muay Thai Grand Prix, and Ringmaster and has the knowledge and experience to guide and develop anyone wanting to reach their true potential.