Wendle Lewis

My journey began in 1991 when I joined the family tradition of Karate. I continued to study this art for the next 9 years, achieving my brown belt, medalling in numerous tournaments and tried out for the England Squad.
My focus then moved onto Kickboxing, Thai Boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu. I’d juggle these arts throughout my college years and have been incredibly fortunate to train under many infamous instructors in their respective fields namely; Arjan Vincent S Deckon, Grandmaster Sid Soffos and Eddie Dujon respectively.
Training in Boxing started officially in 2003. Up to that point, my father, a former boxer and “judoka” would teach me informally over the years. I trained sporadically at a few amateur boxing clubs before finally making a home at Honour Oak ABC in Catford, South London. The late Tom Arscot took me under his wing. Although I showed promise, fate had other ideas once I learned of a sport called Mixed Martial Arts!
2004 to present day I have been an active MMA competitor at Amateur then Professional level, amassing a combined 21 fights. Again, having the distinct honour of training with incredible UK coaches and teams along the way and making my home with Team Titan since 2009, under Mickey Papas, UFC fighter Brad Picket and MMA Veteran, my close friend, chief corner man Ash Grimshaw. My aim as a trainer is to guide all who wish to learn self-defence, compete in the art of their choice or simply use Martial Arts as a means to keep fit. All levels are welcome.