Coronavirus (Covid-19): Updates

May 17th 2021

Classes can now resume and we will follow the latest government guidelines as outlined in the section below.

April 12th 2021

We are open again! For individual workouts only so will not be running classes.

December 19th 2020

With London going into tier 4 and gym required to close we have switched to online coaching. Please check out our schedule and book on through this page or using our app.


Below are some changes which we all need to adhere to when we are open, to keep our members and staff safe, you’ll find all you need to know below with some additional FAQs:

  • Screens at reception
  • Contactless entry and payments
  • Access by pre-booking only (download the app; search FCG on play or app store) this will also help us with any contact tracing requirements
  • Capacity on number of people inside at any one time
  • Capacity on class numbers with boxed off spaces for each participant
  • Updated timetable to allow for change over time, cleaning and avoid gatherings  (gaps of at least 15 mins to completely disinfect the mats / bags)
  • Increased cleaning schedule which we’ll need you to help with (there will be spray provided for each class spot and around the gym as well as tissue
  • 4 Sanitiser stations (one on entry and 3 throughout the gym) in both gyms
  • Showers closed from 4pm weekdays and all weekend along with limited capacity in the changing rooms at all times (members are asked to arrive gym ready)

Now you know we like our rules, which are for the benefit of us all. We’ve had to add some more Covid specific ones to keep us all safe:

  • All classes and gym use must be pre-booked, no entry without prior booking
  • When attending a class, stick to your area and do not wander
  • Do not attend if you have symptoms or have been asked to isolate
  • Use sanitiser on entry and throughout your workout
  • Always clean equipment before and after use with the spray/wipes provided
  • Arrive gym ready and minimise time spent in changing rooms
  • Please respect your fellow members space
  • Unless you live together, you must not partake in close contact training
  • Please be prepared to queue to gain access, arrive on time
  • Gym sessions 1:15m blocks, if you exceed your time you may be asked to leave. This includes time spent in changing rooms
  • No back to back class or class and gym bookings
  • Showers will be out of use from 4pm weekdays and all weekends

You can review all our rules here.

Can I still partner up with a member of my household?

We have a few family members, partners, housemates (members of the same household) – they’ll still be able to train together and for them we will provide pads to be collected at reception. They’ll also be able to drill together in BJJ, Wrestling or MMA.

Can I still have Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers will also be working in line with the guidelines, so you can return for sessions with them. Depending on what your discipline is, you can expect some changes to allow for social distancing. Please get in touch to find out more if you’d like to book.

Will you continue with your online class schedule?

With our coaches returning to the gym it will be more difficult to continue with the full online timetable. However we know these are the only way to keep some of our members training, so we’ll be continuing with a revised timetable. This can be viewed online under the Moorgate location and Virtual classes filters.

Is the gym fully open, will all equipment be available to use?

To be able to meet the government guidelines which allow us to reopen, we have had to make some changes. Where equipment does not allow for social distancing, we have had to put it out of use. However the full gym will be open, in fact we have more bags up so you have more workout stations.

Will your opening hours change?

We plan to open the same hours as previously. You can find the hours on the contact us page.

Is it safe for me to attend?

We have followed the government guidelines to ensure we are as safe as any other business. We have made a number of changes as previously listed, we will also provide members with the products needed to keep everyone safe.

With the reduced capacity will I still be able to access my favourite classes?

You can always view availability with the app, if we find certain classes are always full we will aim to add more. However we have had to introduce a no back to back class booking rule which will help free up space. We also encourage non class users to attend in off peak times (before 6pm) if possible.

I can't come back yet, can I freeze my membership?

We understand not everyone will be in a position to return straightaway. If this applies to you, please let us know and we can freeze your membership for a small monthly fee.

Will sanitiser and paper towels be available?

We have provided multiple sanitiser locations across the gyms for members to be able to wipe down before and after use. These will have paper towels, anti-bacterial spray and in some area anti-bacterial hand gel.

For classes each spot will have its own anti-bacterial spray bottle.

Will staff be wearing PPE?

We are following government guidelines and our staff have been fully trained and certified. They will wear PPE where they deem it necessary based on our risk assessment.

Are members required to wipe down kit after use?

Although our staff will regularly be cleaning and sanitising the gym, we do require members to clean after themselves. All the products have been provided, for added safety we would ask you wipe down before and after use.

Please do not be offended if a staff member reminds you of your responsibilities.

What are you doing to keep the facilities clean?

As a martial arts / combat sports gym we have always had high cleaning standards for our training areas. We have just increased the frequency of cleans, you’ll see our staff wiping down a lot more and we also need our members to help. We have invested in a fogging machine and will sanitise the gym regularly. The whole gym will also have a deep clean daily and an even deeper clean weekly from our professional cleaning team.

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