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Mixed martial arts has become increasingly popular over the last ten years, and many people have begun to show an interest in the basics because of this. MMA dates back thousands of years, the ancient Chinese and Greeks practiced it in sporting arenas and on the battlefields.

Three MMA Training Basics

1- Building Endurance You will undoubtedly need a good level of endurance if you want to start practicing MMA. Five minutes of mixed martial arts is enough to suck the life out of you if you don’t have the right level of endurance. If you are at an average level of fitness, going for a 2-mile run every other day is a great place to start. On the other days, a variety of cardio exercises or HIIT would be a great addition. If you aren’t very active, don’t do too much too soon. Start with a 30-minute jog every other day, and build it up from there. 2- Get to Grips with Grappling Most MMA fights end when one fighter takes advantage of the other because they are on the ground, and this is why you need a strong grappling game. Grappling in MMA is the skill to hold and control your opponent. You need to get into a dominant position to control your opponent. 3- Basic Strikes Let’s be honest…the most fun part of MMA is the hitting! When you get into MMA, you will learn how to throw punches, kicks, and how to use your elbows and knees throughout the training. You will need to develop both speed and force, as well as flexibility. The first strikes that you will learn are jabs, hooks, punches, round kicks, elbow strikes, and leg kicks. It is a lot to take in, but it really is fun to do! Along with learning the strikes, you will also learn how to defend against them and how to deliver counter strikes.

Mind Over Matter

Preparing yourself for the octagon can be challenging to do, but the key thing to remember is DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. You must commit, and you must have the mental strength to execute the skills you have learned. Be prepared to get hit and grappled to the ground. This WILL happen. At Fight City we offer 2-3 MMA classes each week in our Balham MMA gym, with either an active fighter or a retired fighter. We have everything you need to progress your skills, to improve your self-defense or to simply have fun, in a controlled environment. Get in touch today to find out exactly what our central London gym has to offer you. ]]>

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