FCG Rules:

Since before we even opened our doors in 2013, our aim was to make our gyms inclusive to everyone. It doesn’t matter about your race, sex, background, ability, the list goes on. We want to ensure everyone has the best experience possible when they come and visit us. Martial arts is about discipline and respect, hence why we could not operate without some clear rules.

The majority of our community follow these without even thinking about it, but its always easier with a reference point!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Class Rules:

  • All members must sign in at reception before joining a class. (This includes the gym and if classes are back to back – please make sure you are booked in for both)
  • Leave any attitude/ego at the door
  • Help new students with what you know. There is nothing to prove on the mats
  • All members must wear footwear when not on the mats
  • Do not walk barefoot anywhere in the gym before entering the training mats
  • All metal objects, jewellery, piercing, necklaces and other items must be removed before class
  • No footwear, food or drink on the mats
  • Pay attention, when the instructor is demonstrating techniques. Wait to the end of demo to ask questions
  • If you are late for class, please wait for permission from the Instructor to join in the class
  • Be respectful of your surroundings, staff, instructors and all members
  • Do not use excessive force in class, even when sparring. We are a team, injuries only mean one less training partner
  • Keep fingernails and toenails short for everyone’s safety, maintain high standard of personal hygiene
  • Wear the appropriate,  clean, fresh training kit for every class, Dirty / smelly kit is a sign of disrespect to your fellow members and instructors. If you intend to join more than one class per day, you must have a fresh kit for each class (this includes handwraps)
  • Minimum requirements for contact/sparring classes where appropriate are mouth guards, groin guards, 16oz Boxing Gloves and Shin guards
  • No coaching during sparring, unless you are the coach
  • Failure to cancel a booking within the cancellation window 3 times in a month will result in the full booking price being charged. We want to ensure fair access for all, please do not abuse your unlimited membership


Gym/Weights Area Rules:

  • For safety reasons, bags, excessive personal belongings and removed clothing such as coats etc are not permitted on the gym floor. Essentials only
  • Correct attire must be worn when exercising. Clothing such as jeans, boots, and work wear are not permitted
  • Do not workout topless
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn in the weights area
  • Please be aware of personal hygiene in the gym, wear clean kit at all times
  • Please wipe equipment before and after use
  • If you are unsure how to use any piece of equipment, you must seek advice from a qualified member of staff
  • Please be aware of fellow members and don’t hog equipment, share where possible e.g don’t use a platform for foam rolling
  • Replace all weights after use and re-rack dumbbells
  • Please do not misuse the weights by dropping them on the floor unnecessarily
  • Under 16’s are not permitted to use the gym area


General Rules:

  • All members and guest are to check in at reception before entering the gym are and/or classes
  • Absolutely no foul language inside the gym
  • Zero tolerance of any abusive or violent behaviour
  • Report all injuries / incidents at reception or to a member of staff immediately
  • Do not take photographs or videos of other members or staff without their approval
  • Members are solely responsible for their own personal property and lockers should be used
  • Members are asked to only use the lockers for the duration of their training session. Lockers will be emptied at night and any left items removed to lost property
  • Although we will always endeavour to return any articles of lost property to its owner, we do not responsibility for any items held in lost property
  • Do not leave towels in the changing rooms, return to towel bin at reception
  • Anybody attending while under the influence will automatically be banned
  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in all areas of the gym
  • The management have the right to refuse admission to any person deemed unfit to train, or behaving in a dangerous, unsuitable manner
  • Only licenced Personal Trainers with express permission from FCG are permitted to train members within the facilities
  • The management reserves the right to amend the rules at any time
  • By accessing the gym, using equipment or participating in a class, members are deemed to have read and understood the rules, terms and conditions of their membership
  • Failure to comply with the above may result in your membership being cancelled


Kids Class Rules:

  • If you (the student) or your child is sick, please stay home and rest. Training can wait until you’re healthy
  • Treat everyone with respect, and the same will be done to you
  • Be friendly and introduce yourself to all new students. Remember how you felt on your first day in a new academy
  • Everyone here is family, be careful and use control with your training partner. Don’t hurt your training partner
  • Please bring a water bottle
  • Please show up to class on time
  • Make sure you have the right kit for your class
  • Use footwear when not on the mats
  • Wash your hands after using the bathroom
  • All clothes, shoes, gym bags, etc. must be placed in the lockers or on the hooks
  • Help new students with what you know. There is nothing to prove on the mats
  • Check your attitude/ego when you walk through the door
  • Ask permission to enter or exit the mat
  • Under no circumstances should you hang off or touch any gym equipment
  • Parents please ask permission before video recording or taking pictures
  • Parents to drop off and pick up only
  • There is no supervision provided for children not in classes. If you bring them early, they will not be allowed in the gym area and will need to wait at reception. They must be quiet and not make noise while other classes are being taught


Covid Specific Rules

  • All classes and gym use must be pre-booked, no entry without prior booking
  • When attending a class, stick to your area and do not wander
  • Do not attend if you have symptoms or have been asked to isolate
  • Use sanitiser on entry and throughout your workout
  • Always clean equipment before and after use with the spray/wipes provided
  • Arrive gym ready and minimise time spent in changing rooms
  • Please respect your fellow members space
  • Unless you live together, you must not partake in close contact training
  • Please be prepared to queue to gain access, arrive on time
  • Gym sessions 1:15m blocks, if you exceed your time you may be asked to leave. This includes time spent in changing rooms
  • No back to back class or class and gym bookings
  • Showers will be out of use from 4pm weekdays and all weekends


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