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Our gyms are bursting with a wealth of opportunities for all those who want to explore combat sports. Our schedules are both versatile and highly accessible, so why not take a look for yourself and see which class catches your eye?

We’re open for action bright and early, kicking things off at 6am across all of our locations, and with an active membership, and you are more than welcome to attend any of our classes each week.

There’s also plenty of time in the schedule dedicated to gym time for you to utilise our wide array of equipment however suits you best.

Our schedules consist of the full range of combat sports training, from boxing and BJJ to the MMA fundamentals and Yoga, and we hold regular community events like boxing and Muay Thai fights, so be sure to keep your eye on the latest updates.

Our elite coaches are available for expert one-on-one training sessions across all disciplines, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel like you want to hit the ground running and start sharpening your skills with the help of a seasoned veteran.

You can book classes directly through our website, so don’t be afraid to start investigating; there’s so much to discover.


57-59 Balham High Road, Balham, SW12 9AW

Elephant Park - Fight City

Elephant Park

62 New Kent Road, London, SE1 6TJ


15 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DT