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sparring, then you need to learn the basics and know how to make the most of your time in the ring. Sparring is learning how to fight, by practicing fighting, NOT by beating your opponent up. Winning is not the goal; surviving the rounds is!

Be Comfortable In The Ring

The key point to remember is to only fight at your level; don’t run before you can walk. If you fight someone who is levels above you, you won’t learn anything, and you will end up taking a lot more strikes than you should. It’s not just about skill; it’s also about the size and strength of your opponent. If you are 5 ft 3 and weigh ten stone, you should not be sparring with a 6 ft opponent who weighs 15 stone.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

It sounds simple, but you need to learn to breathe with every move, every punch, and every defence. If you find that you are struggling to breathe, then you have probably broken the number one rule……FIGHT AT YOUR LEVEL.


How on earth can I relax when I’m sparring? It’s all about your mindset. Don’t worry about losing and try to focus on your technique. If you are over-thinking then the chances are, you won’t be concentrating, so relax, remember what you’ve been taught, and have fun!

Basic Tips for Sparring

1- Keep your eyes on your opponent. 2- Focus on learning, not winning. 3- Face your opponent head-on. 4- Throw punches, don’t just defend. 5- Keep your head at chest level. At Fight City Gym we have six of the best boxing coaches with a vast amount of knowledge to share with you. Boxing sparring is a great way to keep fit, and it also allows you to put practice into action. At our Moorgate Gym we run two sparring sessions a week, so if you want to get involved and learn from the best, get in touch to find out how to get involved. ]]>

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