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Dan Woodgate

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Dan Woodgate


I had 3 years as an amateur reaching the ABA quarterfinals and getting ranked 5th in England. I also boxed abroad and won medals at international tournaments before turning pro. As a professional, I reached a highest ranking of 10 in Britain as a light heavyweight, won the international masters title and defended it before challenging for the southern area as a light heavyweight and later as a cruiserweight.

I specialise in fight ergonomics which is using the bodies own mechanics to increase efficiency in movement, balance and power. I also specialise in fight conditioning using simple but effective training methods to push people’s fitness levels beyond what they believe that they can go. Training sessions are based around professional boxing sessions and are a mix of skipping, pad work, bag work and shadow boxing, along with boxing conditioning circuits.

I work with everyone from beginners taking their first steps into a boxing gym to advanced professionals that want to improve technique and further their ability.

Having trained alongside and under the tutelage of some of the biggest names in the boxing industry, I have a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to be a fighter at the highest level.

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