What a week for Fight City Gym!

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What a week for Fight City Gym!

From gradings and a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) seminar to the Winter of War white collar boxing show, it’s been brilliant. We’ve not even mentioned Marija (a boxing / Muay Thai / K1 coach of ours) winning the WAKO European Kickboxing Championships and us teaming up with ZR Team to train the British Army! See, we at Fight City Gym are accustomed to great moments. Not just for our coaches, but members too. For example, starting the week with an end of year BJJ seminar with UFC fighter Claudio. Claudio’s great, by the way. He’s just signed a 4 fight contract with the top guys at UFC and he’s stoked to get out there. So the seminar rocked, and it was coupled with grading. This saw some of our members receive stripes while a few more were promoted to the next belt. It was a busy night with over 40 people attending, but everyone got the chance to hone their BJJ skills with a combination of fresh techniques and older moves. Working on a leg weave pass and leg drag definitely went down a treat. After the seminar, grading began. That said, I can’t go on without special mentions to Amar and his brother Malek for getting stripes on their white belts. Malek’s a Fight City sponsored athlete, winning 10 gold medals this year across youth and adult divisions (he’s still 16!). Here’s a look at our full list of promotions:

  • Ruben – Blue
  • Leonides – Blue
  • Donnie – Blue
  • Hesham – Purple
  • Mark – Purple
  • Ryan – Brown
And if that wasn’t enough, Saturday saw Marija Malencia win the WAKO European Kickboxing Championships. This is a full contact event with only the best fighters in Europe competing. Marija won all 3 of her bouts, beating Poland’s Pola Rogala 3-0 and Italy’s Cristina Caruso (the current World Champion) before making it to the final. Her last bout ended in victory over Russia’s Margarita Kniazava 2-1. Phenomenal stuff considering she entered last minute. And she’s also placed more of her energy recently into boxing instead. On Wednesday, Fight City Gym teamed up with ZR Team to train the British Army. We’re proud and humbled to help those responsible for keeping our country safe. Giving something back was awesome and felt so right. Led by Leon Jason (our Head Muay Thai Coach), our first session focussed on striking. For most, it was their first taste of unarmed combat while others knew the ropes. We look forward to our next class, taught by Alain, our Head BJJ Coach in the New Year. The week culminated with our white collar boxing event at Camden’s London Irish Centre – it’s the biggest we’ve done! Now, naturally, having previously held 8 great shows, we knew what to expect – or so we thought. You see, this time round we had 15 fights and after 12 weeks of training, our fighters were ready to rumble! It was magnificent. The venue was sold out and the atmosphere was like nothing I’d experienced before with the opening bout – Abs vs Philips – winning fight of the night and ending in a draw! There’s something about seeing hard work pay off in the ring. All in all it’s been a great week – roll on the next one. It only features the BJJ Surrey Open and Marija hitting the Croatian Boxing Championships! ]]>

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