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We are proud to have some of the best martial arts coaches from around the world here at fight city gym. Whether you are an experienced student or new to martial arts and combat sports, our workshops offer you the opportunity to either start with the basics, build your confidence to attend an open class or hone your skills further to take the step up to a sparring class or even into competition.

Whether it be in Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) or even Strength & Conditioning we’ll ensure you continue to learn with Fight City Gym.

Upcoming Workshops

Name: Introduction to Boxing

Date: Saturday 9th March 2019

Time: 10am – 12pm

Price: £30

Trainer: Ryan Herbert

Description: Learn the basics of Boxing (details below)

This workshop will focus on the basics any beginner to boxing requires to feel confident in joining an open class. It will teach how to hold pads to keep you and your training partner safe and get the most out of a session. Correct stance and basic punches will all be explained. Also suitable for those slightly more experienced from attending classes but want to work through the basics in a lot more detail.


Name: Intermediate Muay Thai

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Price: TBC

Description: Develop skills to take into sparring.

If you have learnt the basics and attended open classes and are now ready to step it up to full contact sparring this is for you. This workshop will focus on muay thai drills without pads but with your partner. It will equip you with the tools to feel confident to attend classes which involve sparring.

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