What are your opening hours?

Please check the Contact page for details

I’m a complete beginner to martial arts, can I still attend any class?

Apart from the advanced or sparring classes, yes you can. Most of our classes are mixed abilities, with people training for fitness, fun or to compete. So everyone of all abilities is welcome.

Can I trial FCG before joining?

Yes you can, please get in touch here and we will arrange for you to come down and try us out whether that be a class or just the gym.

What shall I bring on my first visit to FCG?

Depends on what you plan on doing, but usually normal gym kit (shorts, t-shirt and trainers) is all you need. We provide gloves and pads, but as you progress you might want to get your own gear. For boxing hand wraps are advised and available to buy at reception. Bring a water bottle and a padlock.

How do I join?

Come in and pay us a visit, or join online HERE. All you need is your bank account details to set up the direct debit.

How do I pay?

You can pay for membership on joining by cash or card. You’ll be required to set up a direct debit for all monthly payments. For personal training you will have to agree payment method with the trainer.

Are there extras to pay for, once I have joined FCG?

There are no hidden charges with us, membership includes unlimited classes and access to all gym facilities. Although, if you wish to purchase from our range of merchandise or supplements these cost extra.

Can I pay upfront for 1 year?

Yes you can and we will provide you with a big discount as an incentive.

Can I delay the start of my membership?

You can arrange for your membership to start on any date.

When does the first month’s payment come out of my bank account?

The membership payment will come out as soon as you wish for the membership to start. All future fees come out on the 1st of every month.

Is it possible to change my direct debit date?

I’m afraid each months membership needs to be paid in advance.

What facilities can I use?

As a member or with a class pack you can use all our facilities. That includes the grappling mats, ring, boxing bags, weights, cardio equipment and the functional training area.

Can I use the gym while classes are on?

Yes you can, classes are always in the cage. The rest of the gym is available for members to use at their will.

How do I book a class?

Using your member number you can book a class 48 hours in advance HERE. Please cancel if you can’t make it, otherwise you could lose your booking privilege.

Are the classes usually full?

Like any gym we have our peak times. The evening classes are usually more full than others, however with our booking system everyone has the opportunity to attend all classes.

How busy does the weights area get?

Again like any gym we have our peak times. However we have 3 racks and 4 platforms, so it is very rare for it to be so busy you cannot access a squat rack.

Do I get personal training as part of my membership?

Unfortunately no. However we have personal trainers available at an extra cost. Please complete the PT enquiry page for details.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, this is available for a fee during the freeze period nb. 2 weeks notice is required.

Will I have an induction?

We don’t provide an induction as standard, however if you would like one please let us know and we will arrange it.

Can I rent a locker?

Yes, we have small and large lockers. Please enquire at reception for availability.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please email us, giving at least 1 full calendar months notice.

How do I book a personal training session?

Complete the online form, email us or call us with your requirements and availability. We will get the trainer to contact you.

How much does each personal training session cost?

Our personal trainer fees vary for each one. Expect to pay anything between £45-£70 per hour. There are discounts for block booking i.e. 20 sessions.

Do you offer any discount rates for personal training?

Discounts for PT sessions are discretionary and vary depending per PT. However, block booking will always be the best value.

How will I be matched up with my trainer?

You can either choose from our list of trainers, or we will pair you up with someone who matches your requirements and has availability to match yours.

How much notice should i give to amend a personal training booking?

Most trainers like at least 24 hours notice, however please agree this with each trainer when you sign up with them.

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