Muay Thai Classes

Can’t find a gym that specialises in Muay Thai near me?

Here at our MMA gym London, we have several elite trainers that are highly skilled and experienced in the art of eight limbs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first Muay Thai experience or you already have lots of martial arts training under your belt; we can help you to achieve your fitness and fighting goals.

From pad work for beginners to sparring for more advanced fighters, we cater to all abilities and fitness levels at our Muay Thai gym in London.

Find out more about our Muay Thai training sessions and our world-class Muay Thai trainers below.

Meet the Trainers

When searching for Muay Thai classes, one of the most important things to look for is experienced and professional trainers.

Here at Fight City Gym, all our instructors and coaches have either competed or coached professionally for many years.

Leon Jason – Head Coach

The heart and soul of our Muay Thai team, Leon has been a fight coach for over a decade. Being the 2018 WKO English K1 champion and contender on fight shows, including Super Fight Series and Muay Thai Grand Prix, this is one man who knows his stuff.

With a focus on goal-driven training, Leon is a great choice for those who are looking to compete at a high level in the world of Muay Thai.

Elia Dewu

With a background as a professional Muay Thai and K1 fighter, Elia boasts 8 years of active fighting experience, complemented by over a decade of dedicated training. Her expertise lies in comprehensive fitness and striking techniques in Muay Thai and K1.

Deena Jason

A level 4 qualified personal trainer passionate about Muay Thai and Boxing, Deena can help introduce you to martial arts and ensure you learn a solid foundation in Muay Thai.

The perfect trainer for those who are new to Muay Thai or who want to improve their focus on high-intensity personal training.

Silvano Santagata

Hailing from Southern Italy, Silvanos’ fascination with combat sports began at 15. After many Amateur fights, he went pro at 20.

Exposed to diverse opponents, he found a love for kickboxing. Silvanos now shares his passion as both a coach and fighter at London’s Fight City Gym, helping to build champions from scratch.

Our Muay Thai Classes

Unlike other gyms that offer Muay Thai near me, we offer bespoke gym classes London that are tailored to individual abilities and fitness levels.

Beginner/Intermediate Muay Thai

Our beginner and intermediate Muay Thai classes are open to everyone, regardless of ability or past experience.

Focused on partner work, you will learn how to perform various combinations on pads and shin pads, building your confidence in the art of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Sparring

If you are a more advanced student, you can benefit from our Muay Thai sparring sessions that allow you to practice your fighting techniques with the guidance of our elite Muay Thai coaches.

Personal Training

Several of our Muay Thai experts also offer one-on-one personal training to improve your fighting techniques, increase your stamina, and improve your overall fitness levels.

Come and check out one of our Muay Thai classes for yourself and see just how much fun this popular martial art can be. We currently offer a 2-week membership for only £70, including unlimited classes and gym use.

Is Muay Thai good for beginners?

Muay Thai is one martial art that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all abilities. While punching and kicking can feel intimidating at first, with the help of an experienced teacher, you will soon grow in confidence and start to enjoy this popular combat sport in no time.

Is Muay Thai worth learning?

Muay Thai is so much more than just fighting; it teaches self-discipline, it increases muscle mass, it helps to reduce stress, and it is an excellent form of self-defence.

Whether you want to compete professionally, you would like to learn a new skill, or you simply want to have fun, Muay Thai is a great fighting art to study.

Should I take a class in Muay Thai ?

If you are looking to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing, then Muay Thai is a good choice for you. It can help you to get fit, boost your self-esteem, and build a resilient character.

You should also know that many Muay Thai gyms provide a highly inclusive community environment where you can make friends for life and get involved in community events throughout the year.