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Seriously, whether you’re a seasoned fighter or a straight up beginner wanting to try something new and challenging (like I was!) this gym is for you. It is NOT a “boxing as cardio fun” gym. It is the real deal: the (amazing) trainers here teach the actual techniques and strategy behind the punches, kicks and choke holds. They train real fighters. You are in a class with real fighters. The intense cardio workout you will get is a side benefit. It’s also one of the friendliest gyms I’ve been a member of. I came in as an absolute beginner in Muay Thai and never felt out of place or ridiculous – everyone was helpful: the trainers and staff, of course, but the more seasoned members were also inclusive, friendly, and ready to help me out, offer pointers and do pad work with me.
It’s been the thing I’ve missed most during the lockdown and I can’t wait to get back.

Nicole Bosseiux

Best equipped martial arts gym I’ve seen, with boxing ring, caged mats area, hanging bags and loads of equipment for weights and functional training. This place has clearly been thought through well. Trained Muay Thai here and the class was well balanced and the instructor knew his stuff. Will be spending a lot of time here. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Jackson

Great atmosphere, people, standard of training and equipment. Highly recommended, thanks guys and keep up the great work!

Daniel Burt

Great staff! Great equipment! The best gym ever!!!

Inga Astrauskaite Arda

Brilliant gym. Member for 4 years. Great equipment. Members who are there to train, hard working atmosphere, can’t recommend enough.

Justin Brett

The coaches are amazing. I do Muay Thai classes and always leave feeling energised, strong and happy. I did worry about coming to a fight gym for the first time as they can be a bit intimidating for a first timer but i’ve come to realise it’s not an issue. It’s a very positive, inclusive and respectful place with friendly staff and brilliant coaches.

Lucy Frith

Great gym, absolutely love it. The facilities are really good and friendly staff.

Lola Garcia

Haven’t been training here for too long but after my first lesson I was instantly hooked and signed up now I try and go regularly, the instructors are excellent and there is no egos. Everyone here is supportive regardless of your level of skill which is a huge plus for people who have never trained in any martial art. Highly recommended!

Javed Ahmed

Great gym been here for 2 years. Really good training for advanced and beginners depending on what you’re after, friendly too. I’ve moved job & house further west of London which makes it a lot harder for me to come to the gym but I’m finding it very hard to leave. I don’t think I could join a traditional gym again.

Ryan Davies

I usually always get bored after a couple of months of gym membership but I’ve been coming here regularly for the best part of 1 1/2 years and enjoy it every time. There’s a friendly and welcoming environment, and it’s pretty much devoid of the usual arrogance that is quite often found at other gyms. I definitely recommend this place to anybody, whether you want to learn the art of Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ or MMA, or just enjoy having a good workout.

Alex Modley