Corporate Wellness Programme

Unlock Corporate Wellbeing with Fight City Gym

At Fight City Gym, we understand the value of your employees as the lifeblood of your business. Their well-being directly impacts your company’s success, and we’re here to support you in promoting their physical and mental health.

To help you prioritize your team’s well-being, we’re excited to introduce a special offer tailored for local businesses like yours. We’re offering 10 complimentary sessions during our off-peak hours to help you fill those quieter times. We’ve even created a dedicated link for Grant Thornton, and we’re more than willing to provide the same offer for your company. Please share this opportunity with your HR, wellbeing, or employee benefits contacts

In addition to our exclusive offer, we offer a range of corporate well-being and self-defense programs designed to cater to your team’s specific needs. Here are three options that your wellbeing team might find intriguing, but keep in mind that we’re flexible and can customize our services to meet your unique requirements.

Corporate Wellbeing & Self-Defense Programs

Three-Workshop Programme
  • Ideal for team building and skill development.
    • Each workshop lasts 2 hours.
  • Tailored to your team’s goals and preferences.
Single One-Off 2-Hour Workshop
  • Great for team building or targeted skill development.
  • Customizable based on your team’s interests, such as self-defense, combat sports, mindfulness, or nutrition.
Regular Weekly 1-Hour Group Sessions
  • Encourage team bonding and skill enhancement.
  • Flexible discipline choices.
  • Requires a minimum 3-month commitment.
6 Week Corporate Boxing Programme
  • 5 weeks (10 sessions) of training with professional coaches
  • Fight night
  • All equiptment provided

Employee Benefits Scheme

Additionally, as part of our commitment to corporate well-being, we offer your employees an ongoing discount on memberships when they join us directly. Your employees can enjoy up to 20% off memberships when 10 or more employees sign up.

For further inquiries or to discuss how our programs can benefit your team, please provide us with a contact, and we’ll be more than happy to assist. Your employees’ well-being is our priority, and we look forward to partnering with you to support a healthier and happier workplace.

Check out our last 6 week boxing challenge:

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