Train in the Art of Eight Limbs

Master the art of punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing while developing elite-level footwork and head movement.

You will be training under one of our four expert Muay Thai coaches:

  • Leon Jason (head coach)
  • Deena Jason
  • Elia Dewu
  • Emma Kingsley

Leon has been competing for over eight years and has fought on some of the UK’s biggest shows, winning the WKO English title in 2018

Dee and Elia still compete at the professional level and combine great conditioning training with their classes.

Beginner/Intermediate Muay Thai

Open to people of all skill levels, this class focuses on basic to more advanced Muay Thai movements. Most sessions will have you working with a partner so you can practice various combinations on pads and shin pads in a high-intensity but fully controlled environment.

Muay Thai Sparring

More advanced students can participate in full-contact sparring sessions in full protective gear to put everything they learn in the classes into practice—all with the guidance and assistance of coaches and current and aspiring members of the fight team.