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Many adults love boxing, and they do it for various reasons. It improves your health and fitness, it teaches you self-control, and it also fills you with a sense of achievement. So why aren’t more parents getting their children involved in this fantastic sport? There is a stigma attached to boxing. Some parents fear that their child will be hurt, and others are judgemental about the sport without looking into it properly.

Is it Safe?

The fear of danger isn’t entirely undeserved. Yes, boxing can be dangerous, but doing it in a professional setting, with the correct supervision, helps to minimise the danger. Some medical professionals advise parents to keep their children away from contact sports. Children are actively encouraged to partake in sports like football and basketball, but both of these sports come with risks of physical contact. Boxing is done in a controlled environment, and the aim is not to hurt your opponent, it’s about using controlled moves, and learning a new skill set.

Boxing Benefits

There are a wealth of benefits to boxing, and all of them are great reasons to get your children involved. Boxing teaches self-discipline and self-development. The critical thing to remember is that it is done in a controlled environment, and your children will be supervised and guided by professionals.

Keeping Fit

Being in the ring is a great way to keep fit, but the boxing training required to get into the sport is also very intense. The high-intensity exercises are a great way to keep your children fit and healthy. It also teaches balance which is essential when it comes to self-defense.

Positive Mindset

It may sound like a cliche, but boxing really does build character. It provides you with both physical and mental strength, as well as self-confidence, and self-worth. At Fight City, we provide numerous classes for children of all ages. At our Balham gym, we run children’s boxing classes every Tuesday. If you want to know more about the classes, and how to get involved, get in touch, and we will tell everything you need to know! ]]>

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