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White Collar Boxing London

Have you got what it takes to be a White Collar Boxing London champion?

  • Fight at the historical York Hall or London Irish Centre (Camden)
  • Follow in the footsteps of every former British Champion
  • Large crowd guaranteed
  • 10 weeks free training in the build up
  • Fair match-ups guaranteed

Imagine yourself backstage at the York Hall, Europe’s number 1 live Boxing venue, sat getting ready in the very same changing rooms that have been graced by former British and World Champions including, Chris Eubank, Ricky Hatton and David Haye to name just a few.

That is what you can do if you sign up for one of our White Collar Boxing London events.



You’ll be following in the footsteps of over 60 years of Boxing history but now it’s time to write your own story as your name is announced and your entrance music starts to play. As you exit the changing rooms to begin your ring walk led by the ring girls and your corner team, you spot your friends and family cheering you on the excitement starts to build inside of you as you become eager to show what you’re made of up in the ring.

The former Olympic referee signals the timer, the bell rings and it’s time! You’re calm as you dance around the ring, your fitness and your skill set are on point the 12 weeks training at Fight City with the professional coaches has made sure of that.

After 3 rounds and 6 minutes that’s it, it’s over, you’re friends and family are as tired as you are from cheering you on as you walk to the centre of the ring to have your hand raised by the referee and collect your medal.

To fight on a White Collar Boxing London show takes grit, steel, heart, skill and stamina, and you did it! The most exhilarating experience of your life but be careful it might just become addictive.

We believe our shows take you closer to professional Boxing experience than any other. We use a real Historical and current Boxing venue, we have a former referee ref the fights and call the winner, great match ups where no one is thrown to slaughter just so we can put a show on, train in a real functioning Boxing gym in the build up with professional Boxing coaches and top amateur coaches, full live show experience, lights, ring girls, top quality kit (no looking like you’ve raided a clothes bin) large crowd and music system and all for FREE!

No other organiser can compare and places are limited so get in touch today to reserve your spot!

Please call 0207 043 6032 for more details or fill out the form below

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